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Gold's Flash Crash And Limited Follow-Through Greenback Gains

A flash crash saw gold drop more than $70 an ounce in early Asia. Silver was dragged lower too. The precious metals have stabilized at lower levels, but it signals a rough adjustment to a higher interest rate environment as a hawkish BOE and strong US employment data suggest peak monetary stimulus is at hand.

by Marc Chandler

World’s 10 biggest gold mining companies

Gold made history in 2020 when the price hit a record high in August as pandemic concerns weighed on investor sentiment.


Buy Gold, Before It Goes A Lot Higher

  • Gold is in a remarkably favorable environment right now.

  • Inflation is surging while interest rates drip lower.

  • The Fed is in no hurry to raise rates, and the monetary base continues to balloon.

  • The price of gold is lagging monetary base expansion for now. However, this dynamic could change quickly.

by Victor Dergunov

Rerating: Top 50 mining companies double in value from covid low

Despite gold losing sight of last year’s record, a cooled copper price and iron ore markets that will struggle to move higher from current levels, MINING.COM’s ranking of the world’s 50 most valuable miners marched to a new high of $1.47 trillion at the end of the second quarter.


Czech gold for future generations?

In the earth beneath the Czech Republic lies gold worth €20 billion. But unlike the country's lithium reserves, this gold is not planned to be mined — due to environmental concerns and economic factors.

by DW

Gold And Silver Miners Are Generating Record Cash Flows

Last month we explained why we like containership operations like Danaos Corp. (DAC) and Zim Integrated Shipping Services (ZIM) that are having the best time they've had in years, allowing them to generate significant cash flows.

by The Fortune Teller

Gold: Inflation Has Peaked

The latest jobless numbers were higher than expected. Jobless claims rose to 373,000. It created some volatility in the stock market, with a bit of a correction.

by Equity Management Academy

Gold Price Bottoming, This Will Be A Huge Shock, Inflation, Plus a Look At Silver

Here is why the price of gold is putting in a major bottom, what will be a huge shock, inflation, plus a look at silver.

by King World News

Gold price boosted by recovery in central bank buying

Gold prices climbed higher on Monday as it appears that central banks have regained their appetite for buying bullion after staying on the sidelines for the past year.


Greyerz – You Need Protection Against What Is Happening In The World

“We are now 20 years since we invested into gold (in the high $200s), and consider gold the best protection against what we see happening in the world..."

by Egon von Greyerz:

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